The Sisters of Saint Martin Monastery
Ardent Women in Service to God, Church and Country

On October 3rd, 1937, a new possibility opened up for young Catholic women in The Bahamas when three local young women of New Providence answered the call to enter religious life.

The women were formed and guided by the Sisters of Charity from Mount St. Vincent, New York and the Benedictine priests from St. John's Abbey in Minnesota.

In 1962 the Sisters of St. Martin joined the Benedictine Community of St. Benedict’s Convent of St. Joseph, Minnesota. They became a part of a great Monastic Community with a tradition that dates its origin to the sixth century following the rule and customs of its founder, St. Benedict and his twin sister Scholastica,in the Caves of Subiaco, Italy. We became an independent Monastery in 1994.


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Become an Oblate of the Benedictine Sisters of Saint Martin Monastery

We Invite You!

We welcome you to share what we have and who we are. Join our liturgy, our table, our leisure and our monastic peace. Seek God with us. Become an Oblate of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Martin's Monastery, Nassau, Bahamas.

Benedictine Oblates are women and men who:

  • Associate themselves formally with a particular Benedictine community for mutual sharing of prayer and work
  • Live the monastic values of prayer, LectioDivina, work, hospitality, peace, stewardship and simplicity, insofar as their particular circumstances allow
  • Strive to enrich their spirituality by applying the ancient wisdom of St. Benedict to their daily lives

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